Saturday, August 24, 2013


I have spent most of the summer getting pumped up about school starting. I was able to connect with some amazing educators. I was a little disillusioned after the first 3 days of inservice. Day 1 was definitely inspiring, but it was not going to last much past that day. Day 2 was anything but inspiring. I was asked to show our entire secondary staff some refresher information about Edmodo in 45 minutes or less. I knew after the first hand went up and said "you are going too fast" that most people in the room were completely turned off and overwhelmed. I was able to offer a slower session in the afternoon and about 40 of the 200 returned and were very grateful for my help. Day 3 was all about data. Well, data is hard to make inspiring especially when you involve politics. So, needless to say all that inspiration that I gained over the summer seemed to be for nothing. Then we had day 4! One of my principals, the one who will be retiring in January, gave us a task. Most of the time when teachers are given a task, they cringe at the thought of having to do something else when their plates are already overflowing. This was not the case for this task. You see, the principal asked us to recall what our speaker said on Day 1 and the story he told about the little girl and the moment that he was given. He was her "blessing." She then asked us to remember why we do what we do....we do it for the kids. She challenged us to find one (yes just one) kid that we could be a blessing for and let her know the name of our selection. Some people balked a little, but not me. I sat in shock. I was feeling quite blessed at that very moment. I was under the leadership of this woman and while I am sad that she is retiring, I am so lucky to have worked under her wing. I realized right then and there that she had been my blessing this past year. There were several times along my journey that I wanted to quit and just do what I had always done because I was scared that I would fail. She continuously encouraged me and there were times where I'm sure she had greater things on her mind but she took the time to meet my needs. I know that most teachers are a blessing in disguise for kids, but how often are we ever challenged to become someone's blessing intentionally. Now, I am so excited to start the school year and find my blessing receiver. I hope their are many that can say I was their "blessing", but I love the challenge of finding ONE to be an intentional blessing for. Passion at it's greatest!

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